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Saturday 24th September



Well, what a difference a year makes!

This time a year ago we got to see our new baby for the first time and he was only the size of his foot today!

Lego Star Wars battles are raging behind me as Matt and Anya argue in the biggest fight since Endor. What REALLY drives me bonkers is that they use MY phrases to tell each other off (‘if you do that again, you’ll have to sit on the stairs’,’ if you can’t share then no-one will have it’ etc etc). Zach can’t wait to join in…

Chris got his first new plastic fiver yesterday and gave it straight to me. I think it was the most excited I’d been all week! It has a seethrough bit so obviously we all had a go looking through it 🙂 Family fun, who needs toys and computer games?!

More fun from the bumper number of nappies that arrived yesterday. 448 to be exact. Then there is the crushing realisation that they will probably only last until Christmas. The tower of boxes is taller than Matthew and Anya. Ollie looked depressed, maybe he realised that Zach is here to stay 🙁

As I’m sitting here typing, I’m undergoing the worst torture my daughter can inflict: she is doing my hair. Terror ensued when she said ‘I just need some elastics’. Previous incarnations of this game have involved using every clip she owns and using the tiny brushes from toys to increase the pain factor. She just said that I look pretty and stylish now whereas actually I have odd tufts and backcombed areas. Oh well, at least that puts less pressure on me when she needs her hair styled…

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy household! I used to love my nieces playing its my hair although, yes, I remember the elastics – eek!!!! I’d love to be able to sit still on the sofa for a while nowadays, even if it did mean I’d lose half my hair
    Checking in from the blogging network.

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