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The wait is over: welcome to the world Baby Sussex! And welcome to parenthood Harry and Meghan!

The whole country, and indeed the world, have been waiting with bated breath for weeks for the happy arrival of the royal baby.

And now their Royal Highnesses have begun the biggest and happiest challenge of their lives.
I’ll admit to being a bit miffed at their announcement a few weeks ago that the news would remain private. I personally wanted to shout from the rooftops when I had my newborns and wanted to show them off.
However, everyone, even the Royal Family, are entitled to make their own choices. When you live your life in public, with a face everyone recognises, the thought of a little time alone in private must be gloriously tempting.


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The pressure in recent days and weeks must have been unbearable for the royal couple, and as I see article after article online asking if Princess Eugenie is pregnant the idea of being in the public eye like that makes me recoil.
We live in a society where being childless is an anomaly, and the thought of our royals not having children is unthinkable. But we should remember that for some couples children are not possible so we should stop imposing our opinions on them.
I have 3 children and my head knows that our family is complete. But my heart yearns for another baby. My arms feel empty. Last week was Maternal Mental Health week and I posted that we often focus on the early days of motherhood and postnatal depression, when actually parents can struggle emotionally at all stages and need support.

The Duke of Sussex was the epitome of the excited, amazed dad when he made his announcement to the world. His joy could not be contained as he bubbled with delight that the wait was over. Watch it here:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-48177949/prince-harry-announces-birth-of-baby-boy
He admitted that the baby was a little overdue and I can appreciate the frustration of being forced to wait to meet your child as all 3 of mine were late!
So what can we expect now for the royal baby? Prince Harry mentioned seeing the media in 2 days so I think we can anticipate seeing the family together for the first time. We still don’t know if the baby will have a title or a traditional name like his cousins.
I imagine that the couple already have a name chosen. I named all of my children before the birth as I felt that it helped to bond with the baby and create an identity for them.

Last year I wrote a post about Prince Louis’ birth and my revulsion at the vitriol on social media: please remember to be kind. The Royals are human beings like us. Harry and Meghan are starting out on an incredible journey into the exciting unknowns of parenthood.
Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and welcome to the world little baby boy!


  1. I’m not a huge fan of the Royals (don’t not like them, just don’t care) but his announcement to the world really made me stand up and notice! I thought it was the most wonderful wording. And now she’s come out looking like she just had a baby (tho a little better looking in the face) – I just think they’re wonderful!! The thing about being childless is an anomoly – is it? Or is it just once we have kids we move in a circle full of kids?

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