My very own website!!! Yikes!

Wednesday 21st September

So I have amazed myself, now I not only have my own website but I have also created its Facebook page! I have also impressed Chris somewhat as he knows just how technophobic I am. My mum won’t even turn on a computer unless my dad is there in case it goes hideously wrong. I plan to show her this website in a few weeks and look forward to her look of astonishment. My mum is a pessimist at the best of times: she was genuinely aghast when I passed my driving test, she laughed hysterically when I got a trophy in Year 7 for ‘most promising pupil’, she almost had an apoplexy when she saw me driving us all off on holiday. My dad is very much an optimist and I think he enjoys my mum’s surprise when good things happen.

I would describe myself as a disappointed optimist: I like to think the best but expect the worse due to previous experience. I would also describe myself as a lazy perfectionist because I could achieve more if I focussed more but prefer to take the easy option and relax 🙂

Errrk! A yummy mummy announced her daughter has no ‘messy clothes’ just school uniform and nice stuff. Once I’d finished rolling my eyes and looking sympathetically at her daughter, I started thinking about my kids’ wardrobe. Anya has ‘old’ clothes for preschool and Matt has his school uniform. Everything else is ok but nothing I’d be devastated about getting ruined. When Anya rips her leggings or tights they turn into her preschool or garden clothes and the same is true for Matthew. Same with shoes: after spending £30-40 at Clarks, I demand every second of use out of them so old shoes are kept for getting dirty and messy.

Last week I confidently left the house only to notice pureed cauliflower and broccoli on my shoulder. I dropped Zach’s porridge down my jeans this morning. My breast pads sometimes go askew and I get big circular wet patches on my tshirt. I am sooooo stylish 😉

Well last night I decided to watch Holby City and relax with some cross stitch. Zach had other ideas 🙁20160920_2035241

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