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Wednesday 26th October: Make up, but not my usual…


What can I say? I promised Matthew and Anya they could each have a whole uninterrupted hour of my time this half term. Anya went first and Matt will get his turn tomorrow.

One four year old girl let loose with a make up box and her mum’s face, what could go wrong?! She had a wonderful time and I kept laughing 😀 even when I had to open the door to the postman and he did a double take. I have gold eyeshadow on my ears, my chin is bronze and there is a flower on my forehead. I also have the happiest girl on the planet.

Then Anya turned her attention on herself and here is the result:



My only contribution was the outline of the star on her cheek. She was very proud of her efforts and couldn’t wait for the boys to come home from Nanna’s house.

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