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Wednesday 30th November: a quick little grump

It’s my half birthday! No one is excited because tomorrow is December and therefore Christmas month which is obviously much more important (although Matthew’s half birthday was considered important yesterday, but then he is 6. Oh, and a half now 🙂 )

Yesterday was mega pants. The kids conspired to make every second as awkward as possible. Zach synchronised filling his nappy with Matthew searching for an essential but missing piece of lego and Anya refusing to get dressed. Zach astonished me by having a nap in the morning, which was great but this was the one day in the whole year that a steam train was due to go past our house and I was anxious to see it and video it for Matthew and my dad who were at school/work. So I ignored my mantra of ‘never wake a sleeping baby’. He was not happy and his screaming may have detracted from the other train spotters’ enjoyment. We were the youngest there by about 30 years. It was a bit disappointing actually because the train went so fast but I’m glad I put the effort in.

I have somehow managed to put a picture of the kids, all smiling and looking well behaved, as my screen background and it is more than a little disconcerting to see their faces looming over me as I type. But it does serve to remind me that even when they drive me completely bonkers they are amazing and I couldn’t be prouder.

There. Grump over, soppy smile back in place.

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