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Cadbury World, Winterbourne House and Lapworth Museum of Geology

On our long weekend to the Midlands, our middle day was spent exploring some of Birmingham’s tourist attractions (the other days were went to Stratford Butterfly Farm and the sites of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust).
I visited Cadbury World almost 20 years ago and this time it was very different as now I am a vegan and a mum!

We had booked our tour to begin at 9.30 as we weren’t sure how we would cope with the clock change. I mistakenly thought that we would be allowed in early if there was space but they are VERY strict and you are not allowed to enter the queue until your ticket time 🙁


The tour was interesting and the kids certainly enjoyed their free samples! The museum seemed quite underwhelming compared to what I remember from 20 years ago, but Chris and I did enjoy our trip down memory lane. Outside there are playgrounds for younger and older children.
The highlight of the visit was the 4D experience and our only complaint was it was too short and you were only allowed to go in once 🙁 The seats move and you wear 3D glasses. The kids laughed and shrieked with delight!


After lunch we headed onto the University of Birmingham campus and visited Winterbourne House and Garden. The grounds were beautiful and the plants are still used by uni students.


The house was built in 1903 for the Nettlefold family, who made their money from town planning.

Our final stop was a short walk away but quite tricky to find! Lapworth Museum of Geology was a hidden gem. Obviously the dinosaur was a huge attraction for my dino-loving kids but they were interested in many of the exhibits, several of which were interactive, and enjoyed the Where’s Wally hunt.

Have you ever visited these tourist attractions? If not, which would you want to visit?



  1. My kids and grandkids would love Cadbury World. If only it wasn’t so far away! We live near Hershey, PA where Hershey’s chocolate is produced. They have an amusement park there and one of their attractions is Chocolate World.

  2. We spend quite a bit of time in Midlands. We’ve been to Cadbury World and I agree that it was a bit underwhelming. Lapworth Museum looks really good so we’ll put that on our list for a visit. #globalblogging

  3. Sad to hear the Cadbury factory was underwhelming as an adult, but the museum looked like it was full of fun. I would love to see the huge dino skeleton, they are so awesome. #GlobalBlogging

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