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IoW2017: Brading Roman Villa

Due to the rain, we wanted somewhere under cover so headed over to our second Roman experience of the holiday (still trying to learn lots for Matthew’s first school topic 🙂 .
Brading Roman Villa is much bigger than the one in Newport. It is basically a huge shed on top of a hill but what is inside is precious. This is a new building after water damage affected the Roman artifacts about 15 years ago. There were things to see outside but the rain scared us off 🙁
The surviving mosaics are magnificent, particularly the cock headed man (no sniggering please!)

The children had so much to do here and were completely enchanted with a dolls’ house version of the villa.

There was also the opportunity to dress up…


I confess I can’t remember if I am a centurian or the cock headed man in this…

There was also a fun game for creating Roman figures:

My sister pointed out we have the same shoes. I bet he didn’t get sparkly ones from Tu




  1. I have such a fascination for Roman history. I walked Hadrian’s Wall earlier this year, which was a grand adventure! Love how well the floor tiles have been preserved at this site!

  2. Cock headed man!!! :)))) Yes you seem to have Roman sandals. I am intrigued by the number of roman villas in the UK!! So well preserved too. There’s one in Kent, Lullingstone. I am actually Romanian (so the last remains of the Roman Empire, it’s even in our name and our language is extremmely latin!). Yet I am often surprised at how many more Roman artefacts there are to be found here – much more in comparison to Romania!

  3. What a lovely day out! I think themed days like this are such a great way to teach children about history. I like looking at mosaics, they are so interesting and intricate.

  4. Loos like a great day out. I know so many people who have been to the IOW this year and there seems to be so much fun stuff to discover and do. I’ve not been since I was a child, so must try to change that soon! #KCACOLS

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