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IoW2017: Newport Roman Villa

Well, we were tired after Carisbrooke Castle but weren’t ready to give up on the day yet! So we headed to the car and asked the sat nav what was nearby and it directed us to Newport Roman Villa. We drove down the road and straight past it! It is snuggled in the middle of a residential street!
We were given 20% off the entry fee due to our English Heritage membership, yay!
Matthew’s first topic when he starts Junior school will be the Romans so I wanted him to find out lots!
There were room displays set up as they would have been about 2000 years ago and the exposed floors gave an insight into building design and decoration. There were descriptions of the bath suite which was very informative and gave an idea of the lifestyle the Romans enjoyed.
The best bit was the activity or education room. Matthew and Anya had a fantastic time building arches, towers, designing meals, reconstructing pottery, weaving and dressing up. Zach was asleep…
Sadly the rain meant we couldn’t enjoy the Roman herb garden as much as we would have liked 🙁
The children could have played here for hours!


  1. Hi Laura. so much can be learned whilst having fun. I’m sure Matthew will be well clued up on the Romans when school starts back. Love the photos of the children exploring through play.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  2. This looks like exactly the kind of place we like to visit – history and done really well so that kids and adults can have fun, and learn. Great that you weren’t TOO affected by the rain, either……

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