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Legoland haul

No trip to Legoland would be complete without a teeny weeny bit of shopping. There are numerous shops scattered around the different areas and I think we bought something in almost all of them!
So, what did we get?
For some reason Matthew and Anya fixated on the key chains. Matthew is obsessed with Ninjago at the moment so he chose a Titanium Ninja Zane, while Anya somewhat randomly chose a gingerbread man (????) Chris and I then decided to go for the standard tourist souvenir minifigure key chains 🙂

Polybags!  I have bought several on ebay in the past so it was great to be able to just buy them! I wish I’d bought 2 of each so that I didn’t have to share with the kids…

Hmmm… swords. We had looked previously for some sort of sword or lightsaber for the kids so they didn’t resort to using pencils or sticks but often the plastic ones are too hard/sharp/dangerous in my opinion. Never fear! Legoland sells these foam versions which are great! Really good quality and have survived many battles so far! Zach is mega keen on these (he even does a war cry as he attacks, brandishing both swords at once!) so I wish we’d bought one for him as well, oh well: we’ll have to go back!

Now you may not know this but I am a bit of a miser (and supporter of environmental issues!). I always take my own bags when I shop and I HATE spending 5p for a plastic bag. But even I couldn’t resist this one with all the minifigures on 🙂

Things we should have bought…this bit of the post is actually for my sister who is going to Legoland next week and I want her to get them for me 🙂
This cup in purple for me and red or blue for Chris

I didn’t even see the salt and pepper pots but Chris did and didn’t get them!

I’m also wondering if some shields might be a good idea to go with those swords…
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  1. Hi Laura, you certainly know how to shop! I still have Lego from when I was a little girl and it’s nowhere near as fancy as it is now. I hope your sister reads your post and picks you up the cups you want! If not you’ll just have to make another journey there!

    Thank you for liknking up with the #MMBC.


  2. Oh the big shop at the start of Legoland was hit BIG time when we went. There was quite alot of money spent on both us and BattleKid and most of it is in storage now sadly. I’ve also just ordered some new Cars 3 Lego Duplo and Juniors for BattleKid but don’t tell the hubby!!!!

  3. We always come away with new keyrings…….hubby wants Groot but they sold out last time. We came away with alarm clocks and dressing up cloaks in May

  4. What a great haul. My daughters are really enjoying collecting the Lego cards at the moment. They’ve stopped in Sainsbury’s but I bought a box from Amazon and dish them out as rewards. They would love some of the things you bought

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