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Rochester Castle, Guildhall Museum and Cathedral

On our way to Dymchurch in Kent, we visited Rochester. We began by using our English Heritage membership to visit the Castle.

The inside of the keep is quite magnificent with multiple floors accessed via spiral staircases.
Matthew was a bit scared but bravely persevered to reach the top! Anya boldly led the way, fearless as ever which Zach aimed to replicate.


There are wonderful views from all levels and we enjoyed looking out across the river and Matthew train-spotted to his heart’s content!

There was also an exhibition about the timeline of the castle and how it would have appeared during its prime.

We also explored the castle grounds which had plenty of free space for the children to run around in as well as a cannon to admire, flower displays to enjoy and more river views to soak up.

After lunch at Pizza Express (very yum) we visited the Guildhall Museum as an added extra for our trip. I couldn’t resist a bonus museum!

There were interactive displays as well as archaelogical artefacts about objects and history found in and around the local area.

The chamber can be used for weddings and has stunning portaits or royalty and other significant figures. Cases contain the regalia of office and this would be a wonderful place for a wedding or christening.

The Hulks exhibition informs visitors about the rather unpleasant life on board a prison ship. The children also enjoyed the chance to ‘drive’ a more modern boat simulation.

Our final destination in Rochester was the Cathedral. We had already admired the external view from the main street as well as the castle. Sadly there was a funeral being held on the day of our visit so part of the building was curtained off. The music was beautiful and made our experience very atmospheric.

The historical and the modern merged through the architecture and exhibits including a blanket dedicated to covid victims contrasting with the centuries old memorials and graves.

In the crypt were more significant historical artefacts including a multi lingual Bible and wall paintings. We then explored the grounds which had some ruins as well as tranquil gardens.

We really enjoyed our trip to Rochester and I loved the history side to our visit.

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