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Wales 2018: Carmarthen (castle and museum) and Dryslwyn Castle

Staying in Carmarthenshire, it was only right that we visit the county town of Carmarthen itself! We started off with a mooch around the shops before heading to the castle ruins.

For history buffs there is a poignancy about the square outside the castle where Bishop Ferrar was burned at the stake in 1555 on the orders of Mary I. Poor Robert Ferrar had an awful time in Tudor England and found himself in trouble with 3 different monarchs for his views that were too Protestant for Henry VIII, too Catholic for Edward VI and too Protestant again for Mary leading to his execution.
A bit of lighthearted relief on the merry-go-round:

Lunch was spent at Harvester: Zach LOVES pasta and all 3 children adore the salad bar (Matthew ate his own body weight in pineapple!)

Next we visited the Carmarthenshire Museum which is housed in the former Bishop’s Palace which Robert Ferrar had once lived in.

Our final trip was a trek up a sheep covered hill to get to Dryslwyn Castle. The views were stunning and it was worth the climb!


  1. Oh wow I found this really interesting as we have passed through the town of Camarthen but have never really stayed long enough to explore – I want to go back now

    Laura x

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