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Wales 2018: stopping off at Farleigh Hungerford Castle, crossing the new Severn Bridge and arriving in Cardiff

Impossible to believe that our Wales holiday began almost 2 weeks ago! Where has the time gone?!
Our first stop on the way to Wales was Farleigh Hungerford Castle, an English Heritage property in Somerset.
Below is the Lady Tower where Lady Elizabeth Hungerford was imprisoned by her husband and only survived thanks to her servants providing food in secret as well as drinking her own urine. Her husband faced a grisly end, being beheaded alongside Thomas Cromwell in 1540.
One of the most fascinating aspects of the castle are the chapel and crypt. There is an impressive monument to Sir Edward and Lady Margaret Hungerford but their bodies are actually below in lead caskets within the crypt. There are also small caskets down there which I am guessing belong to children πŸ™
We then headed onwards and passed over the new Severn Bridge named for the Prince of Wales. There was huge excitement all round!
We drove to our hotel, a Premier Inn (after our success in Manchester) which was just off this wonderful roundabout:

We then set off into Cardiff city centre on foot. Goodness, it was hot!
We spent a cultured hour or so at the National Museum and the highlight was the new fossil of a cousin of T Rex discovered in Wales!
Dinner was enjoyed at TGI Fridays watched by Hulk!
Back to the hotel and time for zzz…


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  2. I have stayed in that premier inn. We had a new Sat nav at the time that redirected us bsck over he bridge TWICE trying to get into the hotel. Expensive errors!!
    I have read of Lady Hungerford. Life was tough.

  3. Love this fab castle and well Cardiff is my hometown and you found the magic roundabout as it is known locally thanks for hosting #globalblogging if we had known you were coming we could of all met for a cup of tea πŸ™‚

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