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Bye bye summer!

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It is almost the autumnal equinox so it’s time to wave goodbye to summer for this year once and for all πŸ™
You may recall that I set our family a summer bucket listwell, how did we get on?!
  • A trip on a train
We cheated a bit on this one. We didn’t go on a modern train which is what I’d intended, but we did visit the steam railway on the Isle of Wight
Β  Β 
  • A picnic

Lots of picnics on our holiday plus one at Marwell too.
  • Time with cousins and hopefully a sleepover

Not as much time as we would have liked and the sleepover didn’t happen as Zach has been a NIGHTMARE sleeper this summer πŸ™ Nate and Leah did sleep over at my parents’ house which is only 2 streets away so they did spend some time together
  • Ride bikes
Another semi success. We went out a couple of times but nowhere near the once or twice a week that I’d hoped for. The weather just wasn’t good enough πŸ™
  • Buy a paddling pool
Hurrah, we bought not one but two paddling pools. Boo-hiss, they are still in their boxes. Where was the hot weather in August??? It certainly wasn’t in the south of England…
  • Playground


The children had plenty of time to play on park equipment over the summer
  • Sleep in a tent in the garden

Complete success! I was freezing all night but we had a fab time
  • Cinema

Another complete triumph! I took Matt and Anya to see Despicable Me 3. We were the only people there!
So to be perfectly honest, I have no idea where most of the summer went and I feel a little disappointed that we didn’t manage to fulfil all of aims (mostly due to the weather πŸ™ ).
We had a fun time and that is what counts!

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  1. Ah wow you did loads. Brave sleeping in the tent…bet it was cold. The weather wasn’t as good eh? We must get a paddling pool for next year! Hope you enjoy the fall. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest xx

  2. Sounds like you had the same issues we did…so many plans were ruined because of the weather! Hopefully my Autumn Bucket List will be a bit more successful! Thanks for linking up to #blogstravaganza

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous summer of fun. The weather was very frustrating for opportunities to get the paddling pool out. I was very relieved that I ticked that one off our list early on as we didn’t really have another opportunity to get it out later in the summer. #coolmumclub

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