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Reasons my 2 year old won’t go to sleep

Zach has become the master of prevarication. Now that he kindly deigns to sleep all night, he has decided to make the bedtime routine more interesting and entertaining. Matthew and Anya are frequently amused with his antics and this leads him to use a stern voice to tell them to go to sleep. The irony…
So what reasons does he have for not sleeping at 7.30pm? Here are some excuses from the past week:
Fingernails need cutting. Well, one of them did.
Toenails need cutting. No they didn’t. I had cut them when I did the fingernails.
A cut on his foot. That healed 2 weeks ago but now apparently requires a plaster and socks as an extra layer of protection.

He wants Mummy. I was in the bath but extra kisses were essential according to Zach.
He wants Daddy. I am currently unable to put him to bed at all as Chris is ‘the chosen one’.
He needs a drink. Fair enough. Of course, everyone then needed a drink.
He needs the potty. Errrr, wait a sec, he isn’t potty trained! He proudly sat on the potty fully clad in his PJs and then trotted off to bed. Then returned to the potty another 3 times…
Kids, eh?!


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