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Starting school Anya style

Anya has been waiting for this all year. As she is a September baby, many of her friends had moved up to infants last academic year so she was more than ready to be a grown up girl! It is crazy to think that when Matthew was the same age he’d already been at school 2 and a half terms!

Finally the time had come for Anya to take centre stage for the day as she starts on her school life (she struggled last week with Matthew going back while she still waited). I cried even though I thought I’d got it out of my system last week when she’d tried everything on! Seeing her in the uniform and anxious to leave made my heart break a little for all the time that she will be away from me from now on (yes, I know this is the girl who has driven me crazy all summer!)


Zach loved the classic ‘door’ photos and was desperate to be included 🙂 (only 3 years to go and it will be his turn!!!) and then the time had come to take those first steps. Chris had taken the day off work to be there for her special day and Matthew also loved being able to show his dad where his classroom was.

Anya had a wonderful morning. She confidently walked in and was ready to begin. She ate her lunch and appears to have relished every single moment. There was a real buzz about her as she told me things about her day. She came home with mud on her socks and forehead (!), hair messed up, baked bean sauce down her cardigan.
I think it was a good day 🙂


  1. My little girl has just started school too but she is one of the younger children in her class. She is still just doing half days, she starts full-time school and is staying for dinner on Monday and is so excited about it. It sounds like Anya has settled in well and I hope she enjoys school x

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  3. It’s a relief when it goes well, isn’t it? I think the build-up was so much worse than the actual day. I’m glad she is enjoying it, long may it continue! Thank you for linking up to #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again tomorrow.

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