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The Redecorating Rules for Children

As I mentioned earlier this week, Zach has now moved in with Matthew and Anya. I’ll be honest there was a lot of rearranging to get tiny toys out of reach and fit the cot in. Panic over, phew!
I’m now thinking ahead long term. Anya will move into the third bedroom and the boys will continue to share. I am imagining that will be the time when we redecorate and the children can stamp their own personality on their rooms.
Fully decorating a room can be such an exciting time. It’s a time to let your creative juices flow – especially when you are a parent. If your children are too young to have a say in how they want their room to look, it’s your time to get to grips on what you always wanted yours to look like as a child. Little hints of your personality are dashed over the space in the hope that your kid might be interested in what you were as a child.
However, for the older children, it can be a different story altogether. They have their own minds, can make their own decisions and coming to an agreement with them about how they want their room to be decorated can cause some arguments when your personalities clash. Unless you are planning on redecorating again soon, it’s important to remember that your children will have to live with this for a few years and could grow bored of it. So how do you make sure that the room grows with them?
Think About The Furniture
You need hardy, reliable furniture that can stand up to the test of time of children’s usage. While this sounds like it shouldn’t be an investment at this age, quality furniture will definitely stand up to what it’s been made for. We bought some rather expensive bunk beds when we moved in and they are fab! If you can’t afford it, think of going for cheaper furniture which you aren’t too concerned about getting ruined.
There are sites such as Cuckooland which have a great selection of children’s furniture for you to peruse, so it’s not like you are stuck for choice when considering the big redecorate. The good thing about sturdy wooden furniture is that it can be repainted as your children grow and their tastes differ, without affecting the overall quality of what you have got.
Consider The Colour Scheme
The more neutral the colour that you’re going for, the more you are able to jazz it up with different furnishings around the room that can change the whole feel of it. Curtains, blinds, picture frames and ornamentation can easily be switched up rather than having to move everything and paint it all over again. Try to avoid harsh, bright colours that can easily be grown bored of. This can be hard to do if they are pretty certain and dead set on what they want, but you need to consider just how quickly they have changed their mind on previous things – think of the toys and films that they have once loved but quickly ditched once the trend has moved on.
What Features Can Still Be Cool?
There are a wealth of features on sites like Pinterest which your child can grow with and utilise into their teenage years. Think creatively – chalkboard paint on the walls can be a great outlet for them when they are tiny and learning to draw, and can still be used as memo pad later on in life. You don’t have to think of absolutely everything, as obviously items and ideas will be added over time as their personality grows.
I feel excited about the future for the kids’ rooms and can’t wait for the kids to get involved with the creative process.

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  1. I think going for neutral colours is a good idea as kids can change their mind about bright colours quite quickly. I know I opted for yellow when I first decorated my childhood room and I ended up hating it x

  2. We kept things plain and simple when the Tubblet was smaller, but like you bought fairly robust furniture that would grow with her. Now she’s older, the room is totally her own. With posters and stuff everywhere. Beware the Lego!

  3. I was always so inspired by the ideas I found on Pinterest, but I could never do them in my boys room, we rent our flat and cannot change wall colour, flooring etc. I can only jazz up his room with the furniture and wall art.

  4. I find the children’s bedrooms the most fun to decorate because I can be so creative with colours and themes. My two share at the moment so they can have a playroom to contain their ever growing amount of toys. They will go into their own rooms when they are older though.

  5. I think redecorating with kinds in mind actually forces you to be more creative and also a fab excuse to pop some colour – chalkboard paint is always a major win!

  6. Neutral colours are always good I think. Hopefully, we’ll be decorating my toddler’s new room soon, need a bit more work on that part of the house first though.

  7. My children are 10 and 8 and I’m telling you that your children will show their personalities quite well as they grow. Take advantage of the fact that they are still small and allow you to make decisions for them because later you will have no more say 🙂 )))))

  8. I have no kids yet so I guess my friends and sister will definitely benefit on this post. Will let them read this so they will have an idea about redecorating their kids room.

  9. I usually go all out for my baby girl, but she never notices. LOL. She now decides to create her on masterpieces on the walls with her crayons. But I will keep these in mind for when she will need my help.

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