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Time goes so slow, time goes so fast

I am writing this post in response to my children discussing with me the mystery of time. Why does it drag when you are bored and race when you’re having fun? Why do we remember the good moments and discard the bad (most of the time)?

Matthew and Anya were joking with me about Zach’s sleep, or lack of it. I told them it is just a phase which he will grow out of soon and reminded them that they use to be exactly the same.
I told them of the nights that I was forced to laying half hanging off the bed to get Matthew to sleep whilst I was 9 months pregnant with Anya. I told them about how uncomfortable I was laying crushed against a bed guard while Anya snored away.

Of course they don’t remember those nights at all and if I’m honest I only vaguely recall them myself! But at the time they seemed to go on forever and I felt as exhausted as I do now with Zach.
I looked back at photos of the older 2 when they were the same age as Zach is now and those days seem like so long ago.

January really seemed to drag this year but at the same time I can’t believe that the Christmas holidays finished a month ago. Time is racing by for me, and the children are changing: it isn’t noticeable day to day but they are developing at an incredible pace. Where have my babies gone?! Naturally and rightly they are growing in independence and I am needed less and less. My heart aches for the babies they once were at the same time as being proud of the people they have become.
These days are hard. These days are long. But the years are short.



  1. Ren

    I know exactly what you mean, those early nights without sleep felt like at times it would never end, I found co-sleeping was the only way I seemed to get any sleep. Then suddenly those days are gone and I can not seem to part with their first bassinet even though they were hardly in it! #globalblogging

  2. Mackenzie Glanville

    Mummy little Monster so cute!!! They have grown up way to quick for me!!! But yes those nights of my hand through the cot bars patting there adorable little nappy covered bottoms trying to get them to stay asleep, I am not sure I could take it anymore, although if my husband said let’s have a baby I would! #globalblogging

  3. Time surely does not stand still, I’m amazed how this year is already flying by. I remember when my kids were babies, those sleepless nights seemed like forever and at the time it felt like it will never pass. 8 years down the line, I can’t believe how time has flown by and how big my kids are. Now those challenges that I faced back are all faded but new ones are on the horizon and hoping that will too pass.#Globalblogging

  4. I always felt so bad for my wife while pregnant because there would be nights where no matter what I did to try and help our eldest two were only interested in cuddling with Mum no matter how exhausted or in pain she was. It was hard to watch. Our 2 yo seems about 12 now that our baby is here as well. It really drives home how fast they grow up.

  5. There will be a time when the sleepless nights are a distant memory, I hardly remember them now that I struggle to get my kids to get out of bed in the mornings! #globalblogging

  6. It’s so true. Some days really drag but the years race by. Before I know it I’ll be complaining about not having to do parenting, rather than moaning about all the work that comes with being a parent. #GlobalBlogging

  7. Of course we all miss the baby moments but I’m not missing the sleepless nights. They all grow up quickly and appreciating it still doesn’t make me yearn for the nights I spent awake. I’m just the worse without sleep! #globalblogging

  8. So true that the good times fly by and the rough times seem to drag on forever.
    I was told by a friend that when you have children, “the days are long but the months fly by and the years pass before you know it” I try to remember that when we’ve been up for days… these sweet moments will be gone all too soon! Thanks for sharing! #GlobalBlogging

  9. Lovely post – I’ve been thinking the same a lot recently. I find it fascinating watching how our kids look different/the same at the same ages and some of the memories still feel like yesterday

  10. I remember how those sleep-deprived nights seemed to last forever. I think it also depends on one’s personality, some people dwell on negative experiences, while some look at the past through rose-tinted glasses. I also think as we age, the time seems to fly faster. When I was a kid, a summer felt so long and never-ending, now summer holidays are gone in a flash. But it’s an interesting discussion to have with your children.

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  12. Yeah and this doesn’t stop once they become teenagers. I’m gathering it doesn’t stop when they become adults either but I’m not there quite yet, lol. When my oldest turned 16 in November I couldn’t believe how fast time had gone by. The crazy thing is when he was born everyone told me to cherish the moments while they last because they go by fast. I did hold on as tight as I could and they still went by so, so fast. Now he’s 16 and this summer he will start an internship at a food bank to get some work experience in and he occasionally asks me about driving. But at the same time, it’s amazing to watch them grow up. I don’t know if you watch the show This is Us but Mandy Moore’s character says, “The greatest thing about being a mom is that you get a front row seat to the best show on Earth, watching your kids grow up.” I don’t know how many parents feel that way but it is definitely true for me. Time is very funny but we have the memories that will last forever:) #GlobalBlogging

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