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Now I like a glass of wine and usually restrict myself to just one. I generally avoid drinking in front of the children unless we are at a party. No real reason except I don’t want to relax while ‘on duty’.

However, despite this, my children still think I’m wine obsessed. When we are in the supermarket and I ask the rhetorical question ‘ What else do we need to buy?’, they answer VERY loudly ‘WINE!’ and I then get smirks or dirty looks from other shoppers. According to the kids this is what I look like at the checkout:

Anya was playing with her Sylvanians at Mum’s last week and they were sat beautifully around the table. I innocently asked if they were having a tea party and she looked at me oddly and said ‘No, they’re drinking wine’ (I have recreated the scene below)


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