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Yes You Can! by Cheryl Rickman

Imagine being told you are wrong to like something. Now consider that we are sending that message to our kids every time we make gendered assumptions about them.
I admit I am guilty of that. Anya’s Christmas presents were a mass of pink packaging. She plays with the ‘girl’ dolls and toys on her own or on playdates, but what she likes best is playing Lego, or superheroes, or Minions, or trains, or cars with her big brother. Zach trashes everything but it is a train I try to put in his hand, not a doll.
Would I be different if Anya had been born first? Would it be her leading in games and making them more ‘home’ based. Matthew looks horrified at the thought of playing with dolls but will happily play with his Barbie sized Iron Man and Hulk.
Cheryl Rickman, 42, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to get her children’s book published to show children that all toys/clothes/colours/hobbies are for everyone and encourage kids to be proud to be all that they are: http://kck.st/2pUPIDk
I’ll let Cheryl herself describe her passion for challenging gender stereotypes: https://youtu.be/RbHXTQnn55U
If you feel strongly that our children should be happy and able to grow up without restraints placed on them due to their gender, then please take a moment to support Cheryl’s campaign.


  1. I’m keen to have my kids grow up without gender stereotypes but it’s sooooooo difficult. Companies and society don’t seem to get it. I’m delighted to see other people have the same opinion.

  2. I feel very strongly about gender stereotypes too and I am pleased that someone is making a stand. I loved climbing trees and playing with ken dolls as a kid but equally I loved dressing up and that should not be confined to your gender!

  3. I live in a house full of boys but when Eliza arrived it surprised me how much pink crept in. She does love boys toys too though and the boys will play with her dolls

  4. What a great idea for a book, I let my twins be who they want to be. One has always wanted to play with ‘boys toes’ and the other twin is as girly as you can get!

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