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#30DaysWild June 2021

I signed up for #30DaysWild in June. This is a challenge set by The Wildlife Trusts and aims to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors by participating in different activities and reconnect with nature.
Below are some ideas and examples of us completing them!
Splash in puddles

Paddle in the sea in a river or pond

Spot 5 different birds

Spot 5 different insects
Spot 5 different animals

Sketch an animal
Catch bubbles

Sketch a scene
Make a witch’s potion

Create a habitat for bugs
Ride a bike

Watch a sunrise or sunset
Look at the phases of the moon over the month


Lay on the grass and watch the clouds
Dig a hole and bury some ‘treasure’

Spot cloud shapes
Climb a tree

Fruit picking

Picnic in a field or garden
Shadow drawing with favorite toys

Camp outside
Make a natural sculpture or picture

Litter picking
Play outdoor games

Lay on the grass and listen to birdsong
Chalk drawing

Visit a nature reserve
Go on a hunt for colours


Did you take part in any ‘wild’ activities in June?


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