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5 essentials for being a happy runner

It’s so incredible to think this has been my third summer of running, and if anything I’m more excited about it than ever! Whether you are a new runner or an experienced one, there are some things that will improve your performance and enjoyment of running:

1. Comfortable trainers: after three years my trainers are very worn but they are still so comfy that I don’t want to risk changing them yet!
2. Sweat wicking clothes: this is my preference as things do get a little damp! At least make sure your outfit is loose or comfy and invest in a sports bra!

3. Fitness tracker and/or app: it is very satisfying to see your progress and this helps to set a goal or evidence your success (see point 5). I use Google Fit and Fitbit to chart my runs and keep my phone in my running belt although my leggings do have deep pockets.
4. Music: I began with Amazon Prime Music and enjoyed the variety. But I am now converted to Spotify as I can have a playlist that has fewer limits on song choice.
5. A goal: this can be short or long term but needs to be achievable. I set out on each run with an aim but it could be speed, distance or route. This then gives a sense of achievement or an idea of where to improve. I received a medal entry to the English Channel Conqueror Virtual Challenge for my birthday and seeing my progress towards the end point was hugely motivating.
There you go, my five essentials for being a happy runner!

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