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Cheer on the slow runners!

So after the winter break and then catching Covid, I have finally used the Easter holidays to kickstart my running again.
It is HARD! A long way from my best but proud of myself for being better than last week when I was having a lay in!

Over the last few weeks I have seen some other runners and thought there’s no way I’m that fast. I’ve had a few friends offer to run with me but I always say no as I’m not speedy.
There was one time last year when I was overtaking lots of people and was feeling a bit smug. I then discovered it was the virtual London Marathon day and they were probably running 26 miles not my paltry 3.

I run for me. Noone else. I need to learn not to compare myself to others and find myself lacking. I am running to stay healthy for my children. I run to have some me time. Running allows me to listen to cheesy 90s pop music without the kids moaning about my taste in music.
We shouldn’t judge those who are brave enough to sweat in public, challenge themselves, lose weight, improve their mental health.
I should only ever compete with myself. It doesn’t matter how slow I go as long as I’m making progress and trying hard.
So I’m never going to win any races, who cares?!


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  2. My husband literally just finished (about an hour ago) the Boston Marathon. He’s now one marathon shy of the Abbott Six Star. He used to run very fast but after an injury in London – finished but limped over the line, his marathon days were over. After a 4 year break, he’s managed to get back into it but knows he has to be very careful and walk if he has to. Soooooo, long way to say that you don’t have to be quick. You set the purpose and the goal. Good for you. As an aside, I am a weirdly fast walker, my natural pace is very fast (uncomfortable for a lot of people) and then when I walk for exercise, I go even faster (a male friend I was doing 7km walks with said to my husband ‘She really makes you work for it” ) but I am a very slow runner. I actually run slower than I walk. It’s WEIRD. I can’t run any sort of distance at all.

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