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Couch to 5k week 4

Once again I doubted myself! My knees are a nightmare of agony but I managed to push through and complete the week with the aid of my trusty knee supports.
Week 4 is a big step up from last week. A total of 16 minutes of running and 15 and a half minutes of walking in contrast to 9 minutes of running and 16 minutes of walking in week three.
5 minutes of continuous running twice was a big mental hurdle to overcome, let alone the physical!

Run 1 and I felt like a more professional runner with my new Bluetooth headphones, reliving my past with a 90s playlist! My lungs were magnificent and I also managed not to sing along even though I was sooooo tempted!

Run 2 was another big change as it was my first run in the rain! The warm up walk was a bit miserable but it was actually quite refreshing once I was hot and sweaty!
My knees were the major issue all week but I battled on and focussed on the music and my breathing to keep going until the end and complete all three runs. My pace was slower than last week as I wanted to take it easy but my distance was increased and in fact the furthest I’ve been since starting. Yay me!



  1. Massive well done! Keep going, you will amaze yourself.
    I love listening to 90’s music too when I’m out running. I can’t stop myself singing along, no wonder I get strange looks! #ParentPower

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