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Feed the children so the parents can feed themselves

I am shocked and angry at the arrogant selfish people in Parliament who this week voted AGAINST feeding vulnerable children. Thankfully the communities around the nation are pulling together to donate to food banks and provide hot meals for the children who need them.

The usual rhetoric of not having children if you can’t afford them or that the money will be spent on alcohol or cigarettes is offensive and wrong. Many families have been affected by covid and wages have been reduced or lost. I know of one family where both parents work but have seen their income slashed by lockdown restirctions. Any extra hours do not give extra income but simply reduce their benefits.

I believe that there will hungry children but there will be more hungry parents who selflessly go without food in order that they can feed their children instead. It is the natural reaction of any parent to give your child everything you can and deny your own needs. This is dangerous. Caring for children is exhausting.
How can we encourage healthy eating, a lifelong positive relationship with food, and challenge a range of eating disorders when our own government encourages stress and anxiety in relation to food?

We MUST feed the children this half term and every holiday to support our most vulnerable families. We need all food to function. How can we expect people to work or care for their children if they have not eaten because all of the food has gone to their children?
MPs should hang their heads in shame and donate their subsidised meals to the people who really need it.


  1. It is beyond shocking that the MPs are so woefully out of touch with the reality for many families. I am sad for those who have to make these heartbreaking decisions about whether they are hungry or their kids. The MPs should be very ashamed as they sit there with their salaries still intact! #DreamTeamLinky

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