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Feeling lost in the lockdown lunacy

I feel lost. Normal doesn’t exist any more. Government advice seems to be haphazard at best and lunatic at worst.

Today marked another easing of lockdown. I can now visit most shops, enjoy a trip to a theme park, get my hair cut, go to a pub or restaurant.
Finally I am allowed inside my parents’ home. But ideally I should stay 1 metre minimum away from them. My kids can’t run up and hug them with joy or tears or to give them a random leaf.


I trust my parents. I know where they have been: we skype every day and I know EVERYTHING about where they have been.
But the strangers at the shops and theme park could have been anywhere.

They could be some of the gangs of teenagers I haveseen out and about throughout the whole of lockdown (seriously, why were their parents not keeping them home?!)
Or part of the huge family groups I have seen walking by the river (certainly more than 6 and more than 2 households).
They might have joined in with protests, or been to hospital, or be a key worker.
They could have been at the bedside of a loved one dying from Coronavirus.


Boris is relying on common sense but it just isn’t there as social media proves, as government proves (is it common sense to test eyesight by driving with your family, Dominic Cummings…?) Why were face coverings introduced so late, almost as an afterthought? Staying alert as part of government advice is nonsense compared to the clarity of ‘stay home’: being alert as someone else ignores social distancing will be sooooo helpful.
I am sending Zach back to preschool next week. I admit to being scared. We will not be visiting my parents’ garden again for a while but it is the right choice for him as he needs social interaction with his peers before starting school in September. Matthew and Anya are more capable of maintaining friendships through virtual or socially distanced playdates and there isn’t the opportunity for them to return to school yet.
I understand that lockdown needs to end but our economy is not more important than the hundreds of lives still lost every week due to the coronavirus. The only person that I know personally to have had the virus is black and I am concerned that not enough research and protetion has been provided for BAME (is there an increased risk for mixed race people?)
Life in lockdown has been tough, mentally and emotionally. Practicalities of working from home, childcare and normal chores need to be negotiated and it is quite exhausting.
But we are safe while 42 thousand are dead. Time to stop whinging about this lost year and focus on moving forward in a safe way that protects our vulnerable. Theme park NOT required…


  1. It is a really hard thing to manage – you watch people behave in a way that you are surprised at. We’ve caught up with friends and quite a few times the friends have said ‘Are we hugging now?’ (NO!) but then I think – so you’re going around hugging everyone else as if it’s ‘back to normal’….We are a non mask wearing country and I think that’s a mistake…it’s hard when you think your govt has no idea and you realise what massively incompetent idiots they are. We have creeping figures, so worryingly watching for a big cluster to take us into the second wave…#StayClassyMama

  2. I am so with you. We can’t have a family member over we trust to have been sensible and be normal but I can go and get drunk in a pub with random people? Makes no sense!

    I honestly think it’s crazy and we are heading for disaster…

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