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For Dad and Chris: Happy Father’s Day!

OK so TWO important men to celebrate today…
Let’s start with my own Dad.

A bit of an old pic (my sister looking devastatingly glam compared to me!) but I love the pride in this photo. Dad is proud of his girls and we are proud to be his daughters.
Dad is a self-confessed geek, a computer nerd, a train spotter. An incredibly clever man who is a structural engineer, his brain is like a calculator but his heart is made of gold.

When I think of Dad, I think of the garden, trains, DIY, spaghetti bolognese, Star Wars, Star Trek. I think he regrets working so much when we were little and missing out sometimes. But he was there to teach me to ride a bike (before I forgot again!) and has been there helping Matthew learn to ride his this month: Dad said it was like going back in time 30 years. The children live so close that he has a second chance to see all the milestones and achievements with the next generation.
I cannot begin to describe how much I owe to Mum and Dad, they have always supported and loved us, and I hope to make them proud by doing the same for my children.
And now onto Chris…

We didn’t meet until August 2014. This time three years ago, Chris was a single man. Now he is an amazing dad to THREE children.
I don’t think it has been an entirely easy transition for him but he has stuck with us and made us a proper family. He has shown that being a dad is in the heart not just in biology. He has reassured the children that they are lovable and is a fab role model.
We are able to unleash our inner geeks together and hopefully this will inspire the children to follow their hearts, not be sheep and follow the crowd. Neither of us are really comfortable around other people but together we are perfect.

We are happy. Exhausted, but happy. We go out as a family and try different things that I would never have done as a single parent. He is excited to spend time with us and doesn’t begrudge me putting the children first.
The kids are so excited when he gets home from work as he is the ‘fun’ parent, the one who can work the PlayStation, the one who walks Ollie, the one who is best at Lego, the one who lets them get messy in the garden, the one who fixes their broken toys, the one who has fixed our broken hearts.
So to Dad, my Chris and all the other wonderful dads out there: Happy Father’s Day!


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  2. Thats awesome that you have such a great dad and you have a great dad for your kids. Even though my ex and I aren’t together anymore, I appreciate him as the father of my children and yesterday even though he wasn’t feeling good I made sure to remind my boys what day it was. But of course, I didn’t have to remind either of them because they beat me to the punch with their cards they made him. Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there!

  3. Sarah Ann

    Such a beautifully written and I love the photos – you can tell from the smiles how happy and proud you all are of each other. My grandfather played a huge role in my life; it’s so nice that your dad lives closeby and gets to share moments that he will cherish forever. Such a lovely family!

  4. This is such a beautiful post. I think it’s amazing how close you are with your Dad and how you found someone who blends into your family so perfectly making it whole. Good luck to you all.

  5. This was just lovely to read, it made me quite emotional. I know my Dad feels the same about missing bits from working so hard so I’m so glad that he gets to spend the time with my son now. I think grandchildren are a chance to do it all again but without the worry or pressures in the same way. Your words are Chris were also beautiful. I’m so glad youve found such a special person!

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