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For my self isolating mum on Mother’s Day

My parents have decided to self-isolate and so for the first time I am not spending Mother’s Day with my mum. Who knows if we’ll be back together in time for Father’s Day?!
Normally I see my mum every day as they live so close; it has been really odd not being able to pop round or hear her knock at our door. I know it is only temporary but my heart is a little bit broken.


Your present’s sat here waiting,
The card is here too.
The only thing that’s missing
Is my wonderful mum: YOU!


I know we need to keep you safe,
Locked away inside
But Mother’s Day without you
Is a day I can’t abide.


I know I am so lucky
To have you living near
But the door that’s stood between us
Is a barrier of fear.


This virus will not beat us
Our nation will stand with pride
This measure is only short term:
Soon I’ll be back by your side.



  1. Sending love and hugs.
    You know we moved house last year to be closer to my dad and now we can’t see him due to us all staying home. I feel a bit robbed.
    Aww! That poem made me cry! I hope you are still managing to have a nice day. x

  2. It is such a strange and awful time isn’t it?!? My family is all in Australia and we have no idea when we will see them all again. I know they are always far away, but there is something different about knowing that we cannot just jump on a plane if we want / need to. Keep safe and happy Mother’s Day xx #DreamTeamLinky

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  4. It’s been hard this year – to not see my mum and mum-in-law. It’s been hard not having the Mother’s Day I wanted with my own kids. But the nation’s safety comes first. There will always be another Mother’s Day x #DreamTeam

  5. She is obviously very much loved if you have had so much time with her. Lucky woman – she is blessed and sounds like you are too. This challenging time will pass and how we will celebrate then #DreamTeam

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