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Hair today, gone tomorrow

My body has changed quite a lot after having 3 children.
My hair is one area that I don’t really give much consideration. Apart from hunting for those elusive grey hairs which hide away and then reveal themselves flamboyantly by sticking out at right angles to my head 🙁 Apart from when Zach pulls out a clump or Anya plays hairdressers, ouch! 🙁

Anyway… my hair has always been quite bushy especially during the ‘glow’ of pregnancy. I have no idea if my hair loss is normal or if I should be concerned (why do the white ones never shed???)
Here is a photo taken this week after I’d washed and combed my hair. I have to clear out my brush often as well but that isn’t included here 🙂

So what are the options? Well, there are a number of hair treatment costs available to meet every budget so I will definitely be taking action if the hair loss seems to affect the overall appearance of my hair.
Hair loss for men is also a concern for me. Men take after their maternal grandfather with regard to hair and so it is likely that the children will take after my dad whose hair is thinner than he would like. Mum says I make bald babies which isn’t strictly true as they’ve all had hair but it has been quite fair and fine: I’m still waiting for Zach’s hair to thicken!

There have been some amazing advances in dealing with male pattern baldness and treatments continue to improve. Hair transplants for men are now possible and the hair transplant cost is offset by the confidence it provides.
So what are your opinions? Have you noticed that your hair has changed as you have got older or since having children? Have you or your partner considered hair loss treatments? Should I?

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  1. Hi Laura, hair loss is one thing that bothered me after having children, as my Mum is rather thin on top (my Dad still has the thickest head of hair ever and he’s 70!). Thankfully my hair did regain fullness in good time after the usual hair loss that goes with having children (the natural kind, not the kind when we’ve pulled it out ourselves!) and has remained that way even as I’ve got older.

    My Mum does swear by a supplement she takes for her hair, I think it’s one from Holland and Barrett. Even the hairdresser said she could notice a difference, so it could be worth a try on your part. My husband hasn’t had a full head of hair since I’ve known him, but it’s never bothered him.

    Fingers crossed your hair loss is just the normal part of having children and that in time it will be full again!!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  2. My hair has never recovered since having my daughter and at the moment I’m testing out a hair rejeuvenating programme which seems to be having some good results – I’ll keep you posted!

  3. I lost so much hair after my two pregnancies it was crazy, luckily my hair is quite thick anyway and most of it grew back but these are some really good options for those who do have issues

    Laura x

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