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Happy first wedding anniversary, Chris!

It is currently 10pm on the night of our first wedding anniversary. We have just shared a bottle of 24 year old champagne, possibly a bit dodgy but the alcohol content was still good 😉

I wasn’t sure whether to post anything about us and our big day. Some bloggers are as regular as clockwork, every birthday and anniversary are paraded out, sometimes I feel it is a little bit cheesy and naff.
I like to think that I am a bit different, more real, warts and all. Yep, here is Zach having a strop and refusing to walk down the aisle:

We are normal. Every day is a big day. I get to spend every night asleep beside the man I love, in a house with the children we love together. Nothing is more important than that.

The words in this post are a little bit crappy, so is life. But the love shines through. The tiredness and weariness of everyday life fall by the wayside because Chris is beside me, facing the light and the dark together.

Our wedding was a year ago. Our bit of committing to each other was over in seconds but the implications I feel every day. We have a marriage, not just a wedding.
Our wedding vows stated
‘Marriage is a promise between two people who love each other and wish to spend their future
together. It is making a commitment to share their dreams and memories, their joy and laughter;
and to help and support one another through whatever life brings. It calls for trust, understanding
and encouragement, a willingness to accept each other as they are, and the courage to grow and
change together.’
Although I haven’t changed my name officially, I get a ridiculous smile when I call myself Mrs Andrews. I am me but also part of Chris. We believe in each other, support each other and love each other.
We are one: couple, family and love…


  1. Such a lovely post. Down to earth and real. Beautiful photos to share I love the children being such a big part of the day. Our son was a page boy at our wedding and would not let go of a blue plastic ball from his ball pool all day. It makes for more special memories. #GlobalBlogging

  2. Such a lovely post. My son was supposed to be a pageboy for his godmother’s wedding. He didn’t like being asked to wear a tie so he refused to go down the aisle too! #GlobalBlogging

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