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May 2020: a month in review

Another whole month gone by and already a week into June before I remembered to write this round up!
Family: still no visits to family in May although I have now seen some wider family members via Zoom, as well as continuing to see my parents and sister via Skype.
It was Matthew’s birthday and then mine right at the end of the month: usually we would go out for a day out and a meal but this year I surprised Matt with an ice cream van delivery.
Work: the planning for the partial re-opening of schools has meant that the governor work has gone CRAZY with risk assessments, policy updates and various meetings.
Days out: nope, just no.
Reviews: the kids had fun playing with SuperZings

Food: as I say, work has been busy so recipe experiments have not been a high priority. I did update my mocha cake and syrup sponge recipes to be vegan as well as gluten free.
I also made a strawberry cake with vegan whipped cream for VE Day. Matthew made a cottage pie using his bolognese that he’d made previously.

Books: plenty of reading again!


  1. Wow! What a month. Did you get the ice cream van to come to your house? I would love that.
    The schools reopening has been absolutely crazy. It’s actually a military operation. Hope June is a bit calmer for you.#StayClassyMama

  2. Sounds like a busy month despite lockdown. I can imagine the whole getting ready for kids to go back is a LOT of work for all school staff, I hope it is all going ok? Your puddings look amazing.

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