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Neighbours (dum de dum) everybody needs good neighbours…!

Hope that got you singing!
But actually this post is about real neighbours.
We have neighbours on either side of us. One family are lovely, the other are antisocial selfish idiots.

We have had trouble with them since we moved in. Things got off to a bad start when I went round to say hello and introduce ourselves. The daughter answered and I asked to speak to her mum or dad. The mother swooped in and said that her husband had died and glared at me for upsetting her daughter. How did she expect me to know?! I obviously apologised but things have never settled.
I have frequently taken in parcels and items for them including a set of 4 tyres and a double mattress but there has never been any thanks and they never come round to get things, relying on us to take them round.
Our first summer, the son smoked cannabis repeatedly in their garden which meant we couldn’t have our patio doors open or be outside due to the smell. He and his friends were also frequently outside swearing and shouting. No way was I exposing my children to that behaviour. The mum and son also chain smoke on their patio all year round and the smell is revolting so we have to shut our windows and doors.
Parties. So many parties as the mum worked nights so the teenagers did whatever they wanted at all hours. Thudding music until the early hours, squawking shrieking girls, shouting drunken lads and the state of the garden in the morning was hideous.
I wrote a note as I didn’t want any confrontation with the mum as we had had minimum contact, not even acknowledging each other on the shared driveway.


Two years ago their giant red parasol blew over the wall onto our patio, hitting poor old Ollie who was having a snooze. I called out ‘are you there?’ and the mum popped her head over the wall and said ‘is it broken?’ Not concerned if it had broken anything of ours, nor considerate enough to check if it hit anyone (she had heard us playing so knew we were all outside. All she cared about was the bloody parasol… 🙁
They regularly choose to burn rubbish in the garden, meaning we can’t hang out washing or play outside. They give it little supervision and it is quite simply terrifying as the flames are so big. Plus they burn plastics which are releasing goodness only knows what into the atmosphere.

They have had work done on their house and garden. Working from home as I mostly do, the relentless builder sounds were awful and made it incredibly difficult to concentrate. If only they’d been thoughtful enough to inform me then I could have planned ahead to work at Mum’s as I did when the lovely neighbours on the other side had an extension built.
Then a couple of weekes ago I came home from an exam invigilation and found the mum pressure washing their side of the driveway and spreading all their building debris onto OUR drive. I went out with a brush and swept it back over. Childish perhaps, but oh so satisfying…
Parking is a major issue. They have 5 vehicles including a van and a wreck that is rusting away. They have space for 4 cars yet there is never more than two on the driveway. Instead they park on the pavement with little thought to other neighbours, often blocking in our lovely neighbours.


Friday night they had a guest who parked completely across our driveway. I went around and asked them to move and they made out I was being awkward and sighed and tutted as they went out to the car.

I am aware that we are not perfect neighbours ourselves. I know the children are noisy and I probably shout at them more than I should (seriously, how many times should you need to tell someone to get their shoes on for school?!) I understand that and try to keep our noise to a minimum but playing outside is so important for children.
I love our house and we are so happy here. We would like a bigger home and would love to extend our current space but due to our awful neighbours, we just don’t want to live here much longer. Sad but true 🙁


  1. Ian

    I feel your pain on this one. Over the years, I have had both good and bad neighbours. It really used to get me down when the neighbours make your life hell…….. Thankfully were we live now we are fortunate to have amazing neighbours. I hope you manage to sort out the problem and don’t let it get to you too much. #globalblogging

  2. So sorry to read about your annoying neighbors. We also have 2 next-door neighbors. both of them are named Doug. We call one of them “Nice Doug” and the other “Crazy Doug”. He is kind of scary, shooting groundhogs from his balcony, smoking, drinking, and fighting with his wife. Ugh!

  3. Ugh! I am so sorry you have rotten neighbours. We have idiots at either side of us and I will be glad to move house away from them.
    Have you tried contacting your local council. Burning stuff has to be breaking some sort of law and if they are parking on the pavement the council could help with that too.
    My neighbours are idiots but yours sound so much worse. x

  4. We have only one set of immediate neighbours (our’s is a corner house), and they are okay. Quiet and not over-friendly, but that sounds way better than your “baddies”. It really is amazing how difficult rude neighbours can be. We had a run in with a neighbour in the far corner of our cul de sac, but thank heavens we are not beside each other, so it’s easy enough to ignore her! #GlobalBlogging

  5. Oh that is so sad. We love our neighbours so much so that we organise an annual street party for the rest of the street together. I just cannot imagine what it must be like for you to have to deal with all of that! #GlobalBlogging

  6. I don’t think until you have had bad neighbours that you realise how very upsetting it can be and how it can take over your whole life to an extent. Very glad to have left ours behind. No idea why they took against us as we were only kind to them but eggs at door and threats to my children meant I called the police eventually but to no real end. Knew we would have to move and we did. All the best an do seek help for this from your local authority, police or a local mediation service. #GlobalBlogging

  7. We live in a condo and the neighbours on the floor above us are from hell. Their kids just don’t sleep and they skateboard inside the house – who does that???!! Imagine being woken up at 3.00 in the morning by a loud thump! I had complained to our condo management many times but nothing has changed!!. Grrrrr!


  8. An awful situation to be in. We are lucky that we live in a rural village in South Wales and have no close neighbours. We have fields on three sides. I truly hope you are able to resolve your issues soon.

  9. Ugh, this makes me cringe. Your home is your sanctuary, your safe space (or at least it should be). There’s nothing worse than not being able to relax and go about your normal business (like opening your windows…!!) in your own home. We had neighbours one side who did shift work and so always sat out in the garden drinking and smoking at all hours. I have two young kids too and I complained, thankfully they were just renting and after a while his Mum died so they ended up moving into her house… I’ve never been so glad for a death….!!

  10. there is nothing worse than bad neighbours. Your home is your salvation t, a place to just be, to relax, to feel safe, relaxed and at ease. If you are constantly on edge because of neighbours it s bad for your health. Not sure I have a solution. Ours moved but had they not, we would have as much as i loved our home I started dreading being there #globalblogging

  11. Wow that is so strange that you are writing about your neighbours because that is what I have been writing about too. Only my situation is a bit different. My neighbours seem to get really competitive around this time of year when it comes to painting the house and putting flowers out. It seems like everyone is out to better the other person. It gets a bit ridiculous. Your situation sounds like a nightmare. I totally understand the smoking outside bit. Our neighbours used to do that in their backyard all the time but thankfully both of them have quit. I remember that smell wafting over the wall into our yard all the time and I hated it. I definitely understand why you are considering moving house which is so unfair if you love your home. Oh my heart goes out to you on this one! #globalblogging

  12. We just went through something similar in our home. We’ve been lucky until about 18 months ago when an owner decided to leave and rent out his house. They rented it to a drug dealer who had terrifying people in our neighborhood all night long. So much noise, so much chaos, police unwilling to do anything. We finally started reporting to the county office that handles home ordinance. Owner was told he would have to pay a fine for each day the people were there – and the fine was HUGE. He finally kicked them out and now they’re selling. Maybe you could see about calling the housing authority in your area about the violations. I feel confident that at least some of the things they are doing are against the county rules – especially burning items since it’s a danger to all the homes and you live in a city. Maybe they can threaten fines in order to get the people to clean up their act. Also, never accept a package again. Just turn the delivery people away from your door. #GlobalBlogging

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