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Thank you Joe Wicks and your infectiously irritating workouts

PE with Joe has become part of our daily routine. For the first two weeks we caught up with his workouts in the afternoon but, over the Easter holidays and continuing with our home learning, we joined in live and have continued to do so each day since. I have even started doing some of his other workouts at the weekend!

The scary thing is…I think he can see and hear us.
Not even kidding.
The other day I said I wanted some tum exercises. Next day Joe does a load of tum exercises.
We talk to him a lot, usually to say ‘give us a rest’! He seems to talk back to us, pushing us to keep going.

Us exercising isn’t pretty. All of us sweating in one cluttered room together. Zach taking it in turns to attack us halfway through a burpee. Ollie watching us, both bemused and incredulous.
I was never a fan of PE at school but have become completely addicted to Joe’s workouts. I am challenging myself and the kids physically but think it is having such a positive impact on our mental and physical health.
Joe Wicks, his wife Rosie who helps out when his hand injury prevents him leading, and his two adorable children who make frequent appearances are just brilliant. They are a normal family and very down to earth. Joe’s commitment to our school kids (and their parents) is commendable and his donation to the NHS charities is wonderful. His presenting style is so natural and I love the quizzes and games he features to make each workout a little bit more special. He is a genuinely nice guy!

On a more personal note, I am loving the workouts. Yes, they are hard! Even Joe looks thoroughly knackered sometimes and he isn’t even trying to dodge being kicked in the face by an overexuberant Anya. Shock, horror, I am even considering buying a sports bra…
Here is my ode to Joe Wicks, champion of home workouts, king of PE
5 minute stretches. Twist and turn.
Do somes squats, feel it burn.
I’ve already begun to sweat
It’s just the warm up, not the workout yet!


30 seconds, not too longย 
Each exercise makes you strong.
Kangaroo and bunny hop
Collapsing on the floor, flop!



Working on those abs with crunches
Fending off those snack munchies.
Heart racing, running on the spot,
Work those legs by holding a squat.


I’m not a fan of exercise
Not even for the promise of toned thighs.
But in half an hour I’m energised,
Ready for the day and what may arise.


Thank you Joe for keeping us inspired,
Even when we feel oh so tired!
Healthy in both body and mind
Is so important while we’re confined!



  1. Haha love your poem! I agree, doing JW’s workouts has really got me back into exercising and I agree, he is so likeable and seems really down to earth ๐Ÿ™‚ #dreamteam

  2. ah fairplay to you. I think we’ll all start to develop new exercising regimes, I would have never thought I might exercise at home but have now settled into a routine that works reasonably well. It’s great to have this option! #dreamteamlinky

  3. Love the picture of being climbed on while trying to exercise this is a familiar sight in our house! I love Joe Wicks and used to do his routines and diet but haven’t been following recently as we have an exercise video we have been doing. It is great when you find something that works well for you. #DreamTeam

  4. We started with these work outs in the first week of lock-down but quickly lost enthusiasm – whoops! I think my daughter is a bit too young – she quite liked Comsic Yoga though. And personally I attend my virtual Pilates classes twice a week. I need to do something to help burn off all the calories from boredom eating, ha! #DreamTeamLinky

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  6. Love, love, LOVE your poem! I think you should tweet Joe with it ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s very inspiring isn’t he. We’ve been doing a lot more walking noW, so less on screen exercise, but we do try to catch up with the work outs when we can. #DreamTeamLinky x

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