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The follow/unfollow game: it’s personal :(

Back in September when I attended BlogOnXmas, I was chatting to another blogger and she told me of another ‘big’ blogger who plays the follow/unfollow game. I didn’t give it much thought but then today I checked back and indeed, this blogger is not following me on my social media despite both of us having taken part in permanent follow threads from various Facebook groups that we are both in.

I am not angry. I’m just really disappointed.
Most of the bloggers that I have met online and in person have been absolutely lovely. So it leads a sour note that some bloggers choose to play the stats rather than support each other.
I am the first to admit that I am not the most social of people and really need to get interacting more (when I find time!) but I have never actually unfollowed anyone even from my personal life.

I have noticed that my Facebook friends has just dropped below 300 so in the last month I have lost 3 ‘friends’. The sad thing is that I have no idea who they are.
One person who has unfriended me is my ex’s mum, Matthew and Anya’s grandmother.
That hurt.
I found out when I went to wish her a happy birthday last year and saw that we were no longer friends 🙁
I thought Facebook offered her the chance to see what the children were doing as she lives too far to visit. But she chose to unfriend me instead. It happened just after I gave birth to Zach so I don’t know if she was unhappy that I had got on with my life and found happiness with someone else.

So if you want to unfriend someone, if you are a blogger and want to unfollow to play the numbers, please think about the people you may hurt in the process. Be kind.

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  1. The whole follow/unfollow game is just stupid…
    I follow people and never think of going back and unfollowing them.
    My fella’s niece unfriended me on FB a couple of years ago then she tried to friend me again when there was a bit of drama in the family and wanted to know the gossip. I just ignored her. hahaha

  2. It’s ridiculous isn’t it?! Instagram is rife with it. I’ve stopped following anybody back with high proportions of followers to following which is a shame as they could be genuine! It’s sad about your ex’s mum too but it’s her loss! #blogstravaganza

  3. To some people numbers are more important than anything else. I’m not sure why because follower numbers don’t necessarily mean anything. It’s engagement people should be caring about. #blogstravaganza

  4. I’ve never played the follow/unfollow game. If I notice I no longer have anything in common or want to follow a certain page, not usually blogger, I will unfollow but I don’t do it for numbers. I really don’t have the time for that and I think it is silly when people do #blogstravaganza

  5. I really really don’t get the whole follow/ unfollow game. If someone starts publishing something that’s offensive to me then I will hit the unfollow button, or if I realise that I have somehow managed to follow spam accounts, but real people? No way, they’re real and you never know what you might learn from another person on this journey of life! #Blogstravaganza (…running off to make sure I’m following you 😉 )

  6. I hate the whole follow/unfollow thing. I follow people (you) who I want to Follow! I do unfollow people if I don’t like their content though but that doesn’t happen often. I find it mostly happens on Instagram tbh. I also stay away from followers who follow me and they have 4 BILLSON followers but only follow 100 in return! Slightly obvious then. I would like to grow my Instagram account but find it all a bit fake tbh. #blogstravaganza

  7. I can’t be bothered with it all personally. When it comes to my personal Facebook it’s easy, I’m only friends with people I’m friends with in real life. I’ve only ever unfriended one person and that is because she unfriended me in real life so I want prepared to keep it up on Facebook #blogstravaganza

  8. It sucks, don’t take it too personally as by the sounds of it this blogger seems to it often to ‘play the game’. I think it happens to everyone, I just check who has unfollowed me, unfollow them and f**k them, move on! X #blogstravaganza

  9. Drives me crazy! Especially on facebook as you can still follow someone and just hide their posts if you really don’t want to see what they have to say. The follow/unfollow on instagram particularly winds me up! Is it really that difficult just to follow someone and stay following them?!! #blogstravaganza

  10. Ali

    What a great post. I’ve been thinking this for a while. I’ve noticed it with a few fellow bloggers one even started up quite a convo amongst my posts (all nice) then stopped following! My anxiety automatically thought I must of said something wrong or posted sometime rubbish! Which I know is me being way to sensitive but as you say, just be kind x #blogstravaganza

  11. Twitter is the absolute worst for those kind of people….I do monitor my Twitter page as I’m a rare bird who still does Follow Fridays. If someone does that game,they get a block.

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