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The Twelve TV show review

One murder suspect. Twelve jurors with secrets of their own…
Set in Australia, Kate is on trial for the murder of her niece whose body has never been recovered. Kate is an artist with a fixation on death, but does this mean she would kill her own flesh and blood for artistic purposes?
Kate’s sister Diane, Claire’s mother, believes that her sister is innocent and her daughter has only run away. Meanwhile, Claire’s father is adamant that Kate is a dangerous predator. The lawyers from both sides need to convince the jury of their version of the truth.
But the members of the jury are dealing with their own issues. One woman is dealing with daily psychological abuse. One man is being blackmailed to sway the jury. One woman has personal experience of murder. One man is breaking the law for his business and family. One man is having issues with his rebellious daughter.

I was intrigued and enthralled by the premise of this show as well as the character developments as the plot progresses. There are 10 episodes and I changed my mind at the end of each epsiode as the plot develops and more evidence is delivered to the jury. It reminded me of Twelve Angry Men, a classic film from 1957 which I love.
I have never served on a jury but thought I knew what it entailed. I don’t know if the differences to what I imagined were due to the setting in Australia but I was surprised that the jury had access to their phones when they were supposed to be deliberating.
I won’t give away any spoilers about the verdict and other outcomes but I will say that the ending of the show left me with questions. Overall though, the series was emotional and gripping.

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