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The unluckiest woman in the world wins TWO competitions!

I count myself as very unlucky when it comes to competitions. But this month I have won not one but two different prizes. (Admittedly I have entered more competitions in the last couple of months that I have in the last decade.)
First up was a puzzle from BattleMum. I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle in over 2 years 🙁 so I was thrilled to win this puzzle and couldn’t wait to get started!
Here is a little video of happy me:

Then I won a Nipper Notebook from the company Tiddlers and Nippers via the competition run by From Tum to Mum
This is such a simple, classic design and the plain lined pages are just itching to be filled with all of Matthew, Anya and Zach’s adventures. I love the elastic to keep the pages together and prevent the kids trashing it 🙂
It is such a shame that I don’t have a keepsake book of their earliest years as I’ve forgotten so much and the Tiddler Tracker would have been perfect 🙁
Maybe my luck has changed…yay!



  1. What great wins – go you! I used to enter A LOT of competitions and it was always thrilling when you get that email telling you you’re a winner 🙂

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