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Top tips for surviving a tummy bug!

Tummy bugs are not just a winter problem, as my family found out this week!
Did you know that vomiting usually stops after 2 days but diarrhoea can last a week? If either lasts longer, then seek medical advice!
The main danger to health comes from dehydration and those most at risk are the young and old. Make sure you have plenty to drink, small sips are best or perhaps have an ice pop.
Bananas, rice, apples and toast may help to ease diarrhoea but you should avoid fruit juice or fizzy drinks as they could make it worse.
Stay home until 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea.
The NHS advises not to go to a swmmming pool for 2 WEEKS after vomiting and diarrhoea!
Obviously prevention is best so make sure you wash hands really well especially before touching food or eating. If someone in your household has the bug then frequently clean handles and switches. Wash any soiled fabrics separately on a hot wash. We have a designated yucky bucket and all have our own towels.
Have you got any advice or tips for coping with a tummy bug? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh no! I hope you are all feeling better now. Tummy bugs are the worst. Ice pops are great for dehydration and my family swear by flat lemonade and rich tea biscuits. Plain but enough flavour there to make you feel a little better x

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