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Avon Nutraeffects Radiance Daily and Night Creams review

I confess I usually use Avon’s Vitale range due to the gorgeous creams that shimmer, smell gorgeous and make my skin feel lovely. However the Nutraeffects was on offer and a fraction of the price of Vitale so I thought I’d give it a try. I have now been using it for over a month and am generally impressed.

The night cream is vastly superior to the day cream in my opinion. The day cream doesn’t really seem to be anything special, there isn’t really a fragrance, but it absorbs nicely into the skin and does a perfectly respectable job. The night cream has a subtle but pleasant smell and the skin feels amazing after application. Both pots last for ages and provide good value for money. I wish they did an eye cream in this range as I kept using the Vitale eye cream whilst trying out the Nutraeffects. I’m not sure I my skin has ever been ‘radiant’ or ‘bright’ as the product claims but it certainly didn’t suffer in any way (I don’t think my skin has EVER been radiant :'( )

So overall I was pleased with these products and would recommend them to women like me who might be looking to save a bit of money after a Christmas splurge (!) but I think I will go back to my usual Vitale at the end of the pots.


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