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Baby Nails review and giveaway!

One of the most awkward things about babies is their rapidly growing pointy little nails! The panic of attempting scissors or clippers! I usually resort to nibbling but as they get older this tends to result in being kicked or punched in the face 🙁
All three of mine have been absolute terrors about their nails (in fact the older two are STILL a nightmare…)
So I was intrigued by the idea of Baby Nails, a family company based in the UK that promises to make it easier to keep those tiny nails under control!
I received the mixed standard set (rrp £7.49) which contains the patent pending ‘thumble’ (it’s purple!, yay!) and 3 varieties of adhesive mini nail files.
Zach is a little old now (remembers wistfully the days of breastfeeds…how quickly I forget!) compared to the babies this is really aimed at but that didn’t stop me getting to work!
The item is really simple to use and Zach was certainly amused by it! I wish I had had this earlier (7 years earlier!) especially as I recall all the angst from me and the kids over nails cutting time.
I have tried it on my older two as well. Anya keeps snagging a toenail and gets really upset. She hates the nail scissors so this came in handy to calm her down and she even had a go at doing it herself.
These are also fab to use on yourself… and did I mention the thumble is purple!
Baby Nails have offered a discount for my readers so enter LOOPY10 at the checkout on their website: http://www.baby-nails.co.uk/ .
Feeling lucky??? Baby Nails are offering the chance to win the same pack I tried out: enter below! Good luck!

Baby Nails mixed pack

*I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Omg i need this for my 2 year old, he absolutely hates having his nails cut and most of the time they get so long they break off because he wont let me any where near his nails.

  2. I wish they had those 15 years ago when my oldest was a baby. He was a squirmer. Actually, both of my boys were now that I think about it. But with my first born it was the first time I was having to clip someone else’s nails and I was terrified. Luckily I had my mother-in-law’s help back then. With my youngest, I had to wait until he was napping before I could clip his. He was like that until he was 7 years old. These look like they will save a lot of parents some grief and anxiety.

  3. I cut my daughters nails as soon as we got her home from the hospital and oh my goodness it was the first time she properly howled! This gadget looks very handy!

  4. Sarah Ann

    Love this idea! My sister and I would scream the house down when it came to nail cutting time. I bet my mum wishes this had been around then!

  5. Such a brilliant idea. My little one, who is 5, still doesn’t allow me to cut her nails although I am really being careful and thankfully had no accidents. This seems like something that could attract her attention! Love the colours too

  6. Ohh wow this is really interesting and looks super useful – babies nails grow so fast – I still have this issue with my 2yr old! Also so hard to cut

    Laura x

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