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Babylon Tree Manuka Honey and Oats Soap review

British. Yep. Vegan. Yep. Handmade. Yep.
Babylon Tree is based in Basildon and have a shop there but you can also buy online from their website. Their focus is on natural products that have added health benefits without any harm to the animals or the environment. They offer a range of shampoo bars which I would love to try as they look amazing! Other soaps in great ingredient pairings are available and they also sell essential oils.
This particularΒ soap from Babylon Tree is a treat. I usually avoid soaps due to sensitive skin but this one is rich and natural so I had no concerns about using it. It only has 7 ingredients so no dodgy chemicals inside. The Manuka honey comes from New Zealand but everything else is sourced locally and the soap itself is handmade in Essex.
The soap’s smell wasn’t obvious as it is plastic wrapped but once opened there was a very subtle slightly sweet aroma. When lathered, there was a slight note of sharpness in the smell which was pleasant, warm and fresh.
The oats have an exfoliating effect on the skin as they are slightly rough, perfect for encouraging healthy skin renewal. Manuka honey is known for many positive effects including antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.
So how did my skin feel? It actually felt quite tight for about an hour after washing. I have no idea if that is normal or not, whether it is just the product being absorbed into the skin. After that, my skin felt incredibly soft! I was surprised at just how soft my skin could feel and it stayed that way for almost 24 hours at a time!
The Manuka honey and oats soap is an affordable treat for the skin at a cost of Β£3.95 per bar. It has given me confidence in soap again after years of avoiding it and I hope to try out other products from Babylon Tree in the future.

*I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. My opinions are entirely my own.


  1. Having switched to green beauty products back in 2014 I am always on the lookout for exciting new finds. I’m definitely going to be checking out Babylon Tree. Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

  2. This soap sounds absolutely brilliant. I am in totall love at the moment with natural soaps, especially as my daughter and I have very sensitive skin and this soap is very reasonably priced.

    • All of our Shea Butter soaps are made with sensitive skin in mind.
      use voucher code: social20 for 20% OFF your order and Free UK shipping.

  3. I tend to go for Lush soaps but this sounds lovely, I have psorasis and people have recommended Manuka honey to me so will have to give it a try

    • with psorasis try to stay away from chemicals used in many soaps , especially Sodium Lauryl Sulfate . Any Soap with Shea Butter will help You with skin elasticity and also it will provide a protective layers of natural oil in your skin.

  4. Haven’t used soap in years (opting for creams etc) and must admit when you started the review mu first thought was that this is going to be expensive as hell. But at that price I’d definitely give this a go.

    • Hi Daddy Poppins,
      We are being very reasonable with our prices comparing to other natural soap brands. Also we are still very new and keeping it affordable is a good way of marketing the quality of the product to a wider audience.

  5. I love Manuka Honey to eat – but I’ve never heard of it in soap before. As I have a couple of skins conditions, anything natural that won’t make my skin react and flare up is a winner, so I’d definitely be willing to give this one a go!

    • Honey is a perfect solution for damaged skin, scars and even open wounds, allowing them to heal faster. We use Manuka Honey as its cultivation methods do not involve harming bees.

    • We are new. Brand started in September last year. After successful battle with 2 cancers i have decided to create a products that are pure and make a difference. So far we had great reviews and even got featured in Tatler Magazine this month.

    • We have used recycled kraft paper for the packaging of the soap. We are now working on replacing the foil with biodegradable one instead.

  6. I’m really trying to use more environmentally friendly products. I love the look of this soap, especially if it tightens and moisturises the skin so well.

    • All of our soaps are made with carefully sourced ingredients and pure essential oils. Welcometo try any of our natural soaps on our website. Please use code:
      social20 for 20% off the total price.

  7. #RV&IT
    I’m intrigued to try these products as myself and my 2 daughter’s both have sensitive skin and have to be so careful what we use. I’m going to have a look at their website later tonight

  8. I always give products a side-glance when they say vegetarian or vegan. Like, dude, I am vegetarian, but I’m not gonna eat your soap! Lol. I know what they mean, ofc, I just wish they had a better way of saying it!

    Unfortunately, the smell of honey makes me feel sick – I don’t really understand why people like it so much, but I’m glad you enjoyed the product πŸ™‚


    • We have other soaps that you could try as well. Our soaps are vegan friendly as there is no animal fat , animal cruelty or testing.
      Even our White Musk & Sandalwood Soap is made with Essential Oil from Emirates as it doesnt involve hurting the animal while e=creating the oil and is alcohol free. Feel free to try our products.

  9. This soap sounds lovely, I too tend to avoid soap due to sensitive skin. I am also becoming more aware of some of the “nasties” in many products. So it is definitely something I’d consider. Thank you for linking with #KCACOLS and please do join us next time!

    • Hi Kate,
      Any soap that does not contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate should be ok with delicate skin however try to keep an eye on other chemicals used in soaps such as Titanium Dioxide etc.
      Our Soaps are free from ALL those not needed toxins.

    • This is something we are currently working on. We have started using recycled kraft paper but we are using recycled foil to wrap the soap for keeping it fresh and avoid sweating. We are working on biodegradable foil at the moment.

    • Hi Ana,
      All of the soaps are pure and vegan friendly. Feel free to try it. Here is a code for you to use : social20 and you will get 20% off the order.

    • Hi Jenny
      Please use this code: social20
      and you will get 20% OFF your order with BabylonTree.com
      We just made fresh batch of Manuka Honey and Oats soap

  10. I used to use shampoo with Manuka honey in it until it was discontinued, for my dry scalp. So I can vouch for it!
    This sounds great & at a great price too! #KCACOLS

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