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Bad weather: bring back the socks!

This week has been pretty pants weather-wise, wouldn’t you agree?! So I have had to reinstate socks for myself. 🙁
Well, actually not so sad face. I had been sent some Gentle Grip socks from Sock Shop to try out and was wondering whether I would truly appreciate them in summer weather. No fear about that! The sun has gone and today is distinctly fresher in the air so the socks are out in force!
I am actually a size 3 but the socks for ladies come in size 4-8 (as they do from most retailers, I often go for children’s socks!). This wasn’t a problem as they were not overly big, phew!
The socks were comfy to wear and didn’t bunch up in shoes. They were quite long. I wore one up to the full length and the other folded over. This didn’t effect the ‘cling’ of the sock in any way.
As someone who often gets changed during the day (due to work, random weather changes, children’s bodily fluids, cooking catastrophes etc!) I sometimes change from trousers to skirt and socks might need to be removed. I HATE sock lines. HATE HATE HATE! No problems with the Gentle Grip socks 🙂 They grip the ankle/leg without being tight and leaving marks behind. Fab!
The socks come in a range of colours for men and women. There are some funky purple ones, yay! These socks feel quite lightweight so would be perfect for spring and autumn but I think for winter my feet might need something thicker: I could be wrong, I’ll update you!
I’m really happy with my new socks, super comfy and no sock lines, hurrah!

* I was sent these Gentle Grip socks for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.






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