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Monopoly Junior Frozen edition

This is the latest fad in our house! We enjoyed lots of games this Christmas to keep the children occupied and this is a firm favourite. I am a massive Monopoly fan anyway and now the kids are too!

A game typically takes 15 minutes so it is short enough to maintain the children’s attention. It is all down to chance in this version: you HAVE to buy an unowned property when you land on it so they all get owned quite quickly.

The Frozen edition has just 3 players which is a shame but appropriate to the level of play. Anya loves the tie in with the film and has to be Elsa every single game! Matthew refused to be either Elsa or Anna and even rejected Olaf so we allowed him to use a dinosaur (surprise, surprise!)
The main reason for the introduction of games is to teach the children how to cope with victory and failure. Matthew in particular finds it very difficult to cope with losing so games are an essential tools for learning to cope with disappointment as well as being a humble winner.

Chris has seen my ruthless streak now: we played proper Monopoly on the PS4 and at one point he looked at me a bit nervously said ‘Oh my God, you’ve gone mental’ as I bought my 4th hotel (one on Mayfair šŸ™‚ ).
Anya has inherited my competitive gene, I can’t wait until she is old enough to challenge me for the Monopoly crown!

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  1. We had monopoly for Christmas, not this same version, but monopoly junior. It’s so much fun! We’ve had the occasional tantrum, but still it’s part of the fun, haha! Thanks for joining #ThatFridayLinky

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  3. Fiona jk42

    You’re so right that board games help children learn to cope with both success and failure. We love board games in our family, especially Monopoly and Cluedo, I bought a commemorative edition of Monopoly years ago which comes in a tin, has metal pieces and wooden houses, but this Frozen edition sounds as if it would be a hit with young fans of that film. For younger children Sorry! is also a good game and can become quite ruthless when you decide who to move backwards..

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