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Skybeam electric guitar from Franklyn Guitars

Hello, this is Chris. I’m Laura’s husband and I’m hijacking her blog to share this, thank you for reading 🙂
The Skybeam is a new model of electric guitar from Franklyn Guitars. So named as a cheeky nod to the style of guitar it hopes to improve upon.
Modelled on a traditional Stratocaster style with modern appointments such as an ergonomic heel carve and greater fret access at the top end of the neck. It does away with a tremolo in favour of a hardtail bridge and is available in a number of combinations of paintwork and hardware.
That said, as each is made to order, then any amount of customisation can be discussed when ordering.

The guitars were debuted at the British Boutique Guitar Festival where they went down well with the YouTube content creators who were there to make videos.
The logo on the headstock is a novel design to move away from the signatures seen on guitars and features the FKLN logo embedded in a resin disc.

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