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Some last minute gifts and treats for me with Chemist.co.uk

Chemist.co.uk is an online chemist. Simple.
Everything you need for your family’s health needs all year round and some fab deals as well. Big brands, small brands and everything in between.
I gave myself the challenge of seeing what I could buy for £50. Originally I planned to buy a range of essentials for children such as liquid paracetamol, threadworm treatment, cough medicine etc.
But then with Christmas coming up I spotted some things that I just couldn’t resist.

I was immediately drawn to this Frozen bag and eau de toilette set which Anya will adore plus it will be her first introduction to perfume! She will feel very grown up, plus did I say the bag was purple?!

The Yardley hand cream is so sweetly packaged in a cracker that it would make a lovely stocking filler, Secret Santa gift or add on present for those difficult people to buy for (ahem, my mother and mother in law…)

Bath time is a big deal in our home. The kids just adore it so I chose these Nuby bath cups for Zach to share with the others. Plus some bath bubbles!

Matthew and Anya currently have a daily Haliborange but they aren’t suitable for Zach as they are too chewy (Haliborange are available on Chemist.co.uk too). Zach has recently stopped bottle feeding so I wanted to buy him some drops and these Nature’s Aid ones look perfect.
And then we come to some goodies for me…
Time is marching on and my facial regime needs to up the ante espcially in this cold weather. I have seen many positive reviews of Balance Active Formula products and the offers on Chemist.co.uk made them such excellent value that now is the time to invest in them.
I adore eyeliner and love Rimmel products so was surprised to find one that I haven’t tried before. I avoid deodorants with aluminium in so am looking forward to trying these natural mineral ones.
So what do you think, did I spend wisely?

Here is my Vlogmas video on the products:

*I was gifted £50 to spend on the Chemist.co.uk website, all product choices were my own

Now as you may have seen from the Vlogmas video I accidentally managed to order 2 Balance Instant Effect Wrinkle Fillers (50ml) so here is your chance to win the spare and as it is Christmas I have added a Lacura face scrub, an Avon hair serum and a hand cream!

Win a skincare treat!


  1. Ben would love the Frozen gear, for a kid who hasnt watched it yet, he’s obsessed with Elsa and Ana hahah! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next year! Merry Christmas Lovely!

  2. Ahhh, shame I’m only just finding this post now – as I would have definitely entered that comp! The hand cream looks lovely 🙂 I have never heard of Chemist.co.uk, but definitely worth considering them in future! x

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