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Soothing bug bites with Moskinto

AD GIFTED: I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are my own.

This year has been a NIGHTMARE for bug bites! Every year I usually get a few but this year it has been almost daily 🙁 I have tried various products to keep the bugs away but nothing has worked. I was offered the opportunity to try out Moskinto which soothes bites using non allergenic plaster patches.

Moskinto packaging

I wanted to try them as soon as they arrived and my next bite didn’t take long to occur 🙁 Of course, it appeared in that incredibly photogenic place: my elbow! You have no idea how awkward taking pics was 😀

Bug bite on elbowMoskinto patch covering bite on elbow


The relief was incredible!
The itching diminished almost immediately. I wondered if the patch would loosen in the bath the following morning but it stayed put!
In fact, the patch stayed on for 7 days before I removed it in the bath. It left no residue and there was no sign a bite had ever been there!

Moskinto is safe to use on children too and Zach soon got to try out a patch as well. His didn’t last as long as mine as he was frequently knocking it on his socks and trouser leg. It lasted for 3 days and the swelling and itching had disappeared quickly like mine had, but there was still a red bite mark.

Moskinto patch on leg

I have no idea how this works as there are no chemicals involved. I have already ordered more from Amazon as they worked so well and everyone in my family can use them for almost instant relief!
You can find out more information about Moskinto on their website and the Amazon link is below:


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