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The Charming Candle Co: Luscious Vanilla Luxury Jewellery Candle review

I have always loved vanilla. Perfume, ice cream etc, love it!
I was absolutely delighted when I was sent a vanilla scented candle from The Charming Candle Co (They may actually be mind readers!).


Take a look at my video to see how I got on!

I honestly wasn’t imagining the scent that permeated through to the cardboard box packaging. I couldn’t quite identify it as it was such a rich fragrance, definitely luscious and luxury! My house smelled divine whilst the candle was burning but it was never overpowering. I have had candles in the past which were supposedly scented but this was a completely unique experience.
I burned the candle in 2 hour busts and after 12 hours the gold packet was uncovered enough to remove carefully from the wax. It was held on with some adhesive so that it remains safely away from the flames at all times.
And then the great reveal! A gorgeous sterling silver ring, very delicate, just my style and a perfect addition to my jewellery box!

*I was sent this candle for the purpose of this review. The company had no idea my favourite scent was vanilla nor my personal taste in jewellery! All opinions, video and pictures remain my own.


  1. How awesome is that to have a treat inside the candle! I love candles but the cats run riot at im so worried them jumping around would knock it onto Ben so i’ve not lit any in sooooooo long! I think my mum would really love this too!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  2. Love it! I enjoy having candles burning whenever I can in the evenings. I love to have one flickering while I’m in the bath. Even with the calls of ‘mum I need a poo’ don’t seem so bad when a candles floating out nice scent:)

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