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Project 365 Week 3

Big events and the everyday are mixed together this week.
Day 14: well, the big news of the week was… we announced our engagement and are getting married in August!

Day 15: little Zach toasting our happy news with water 🙂

Day 16: all the toys in the world and all every kid wants is just a cardboard box!

Day 17: This boy does not take no for an answer! When I refused to put Hey Duggee on for the billionth time, he decided to try to do it himself.

Day 18: I have started doing the 7 minute workout again. I used to do it daily before getting pregnant but have struggled to find even 7 minutes to myself with 3 kids and 3 jobs plus my blog. However, the determination to tone up a little before I get in my wedding dress has spurred me to get on with it again.

Day 19: time for a bit of baking! This bread mix is so easy to make. Zach insisted on ‘helping’ but then I managed to distract him with some grapes.

Day 20: I have a confession: despite thinking I am not at all girly and definitely NOT princessy, the allure of tiaras has taken over my life. I remember as a child trying to make a tiara like Disney’s Sleeping Beauty out of chocolate foil wrappers and being disappointed they never looked right. Now I have bought 4 tiaras and wear them round the house as I try to decided which one to wear for my wedding…


  1. Congratulations! How exciting to have a wedding to plan for.
    I’m not surprised you struggle to find seven minutes to exercise. My kids are all at school and, although I find time to run, I know I would never make time to exercise at home – I’ve been thinking I should try yoga.

  2. Congratulations to you both x I had a tiara for my wedding, 17 years ago, they weren’t so popular back then and had to have it specially made. Mine love cardboard boxes too!

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