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Project 365 Week Two

So here we have the second week of Project 365 photos. We have got back into the school and work routine this week and things have been rather hectic!
Day 7: last day of the Christmas holidays and we headed out for a McDonalds and then the neighbouring playground for a final treat.

Day 8: I spent Monday sewing on badges and then at Beavers this week he got yet another one!

Day 9: Zach mistakenly believes he doesn’t need an afternoon nap any more. Cue one very grumpy toddler and an exhausted mum!

Day 10: I managed to dress us both in stripes! Twinning is winning!

Day 11: The children have discovered the joy of Monopoly, hurrah! We are having nightly battles…

Day 12: the grey skies and bare trees have got to me this week 🙁

Day 13: Saturday at last! Time to let Matthew practise his paleontology skills with a dinosaur excavation set.

If you missed Week One, take a look here.


  1. Ahh! We had a trip to McDonalds before school started again. Such a great treat for the kids….
    Well done your boy! All those badges from Beavers is fab!
    Those dinosaur excavation sets are great. My two got a set each for Christmas and they loved them. x

  2. oh dear i hope the lack of afternoon nap negativity doesn’t go on too long. If it’s any help i can’t recall much of my 5 kids childhood now they’ve all reached adult hood and left home, most stuff we talk about that I’m sure must have been difficult/traumatic at the time, is now recalled with humour by hubby and I and the kids

  3. use to dread that stage where they still need a nap to be civilised at tea time and they think they dont.
    lots of foggy dull skies here this week as well.
    Great to get them into family games, but my lot always became competitive

  4. I must admit, I don’t miss sewing badges on, when my eldest was at Brownies I swear they waited until I had done a mammoth sewing session, then gave her more! None of my children have ever had a nap since about 14 months, I am sometimes jealous of all the sleeping toddler photos!

  5. Congrats on another badge, it’ll be very exciting once he learns to sew his own badges on! I remember my mum being extra pleased about that stage when I was younger 😀 Your three look very happy in the first photo, McDonalds and the playground sounds like a great way to end the break.

  6. Well done on the new badge, also for you getting all the rest sewn on too!

    Love the twinning. I must try more to do some twinning with the little ones. So cute.

    Ahh Monopoly is one of our favourite games too. I think it is defined as one of the rights of passage now.

  7. You two look very cute in matching stripey tops. The dino excavation kit is great fun. And a tired toddler who refuses to have a nap is not fun at all, bless his little cotton socks.

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