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#Project365 week 15: the second week of the Easter holidays

A busy first week has been followed by a busy second week of the holidays!
Day 98: cousin time! They stayed at my parents’ for a 2 night sleepover. Here they are being shown the latest tablet action
Day 99: an early birthday lunch!

Day 100: I can’t believe Zach is 2! He was very proud of his candle blowing abilities 🙂

Day 101: the rain feels like it has been here forever 🙁 but I know that we had fun in the sun in the garden last week

Day 102: I won a competition for this gorgeous lipstick by vegan cruelty free brand Saturated Colour

Day 103: Zach in mega cute mode. He has had a poorly tummy for several days so has needed lots of extra cuddles

Day 104: one last visit to Toys R Us before they close next weekend. It was so sad. I remember going there as a child and buying toys with my birthday money.


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