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#Project365 week 21: happy and sad family occasions

This week there have been some happy and sad family moments.
Day 140: we headed to Gloucester for my great uncle’s 80th birthday. I love family occasions and the children adore each other.

Day 141: Ollie wanted some peace and quiet in the garden but Zach had other ideas! The weather was grey and miserable but didn’t rain: bit chilly though!

Day 142: the sun was back and Ollie decided that Zach was his friend after all as there was a good chance of getting some tea time treats from the slowest eater in the world…

Day 143: I have been invigilating exams for the past few weeks but on Wednesday I just couldn’t get Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl out of my head and had to stop myself singing it all through the exam!

Day 144: a sad day as we attended a funeral but the grief is counterbalanced by a celebration of a long and happy life.

Day 145: can you believe it is half term?! The schools broke up today so time to unwind with some wine and DVDs

Day 146: we decided earlier this week to have a BBQ, of course we woke up to rain but carried on anyway and the sun joined us, yay!


  1. so sorry to hear about the funeral, the floral tribute looks lovely. I didn’t realise you were in Gloucestershire. I will be spending most of my time in Hucclecote and the forest of dean for the summer

  2. So sorry to hear about the funeral. Glad you managed to get your barbecue. I think my daughter would give Zach a run for his money for the title of ‘world’s slowest eater’. Thank goodness you managed not to sing out loud during the exam – that would have given the kids a real laugh!

  3. Family get-together are great for children. Sorry to hear about the funeral, it is always a sad occasion. We haven’t done any BBQs yet this year. Hope you’re having a good half-term break. Weather has been rather unpleasant here in the last few days.

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