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#Project365 week 37

A week with a lot of pride: in myself for driving all the way to Manchester and partying the night away with the Blog On bloggers, and with my children for their achievements and enthusiam to try new things. Like my coffee cake…
Day 252: Ollie looking particularly majestic while waiting to see if any of the children drop part of their tea

Day 253: Anya has started at Beavers!

Day 254: our tomato plants are HUGE! About 8 foot tall!

Day 255: the sun on the afternoon school run, but this week there has definitely been a chill in the air…

Day 256: good news, I made a coffee cake. Bad news, I have to share it becasue everyone liked it

Day 257: proud mummy moment watching Matt get a certificate in the celebration assembly

Day 258:a rare second selfie this week: time to party at Blog On Toys in Manchester!



  1. my husband often does not like what I bake cos at times I bake things I fancy, but he manages to eat a lt of it regardless.
    Does she prefer what Beavers offers to Brownies? Our village discourages girls from joining Beavers as they have so few of them in the Brownies – not sure why they don’t mix the groups.
    Wow at the tomato plants. Did you get a good crop from them?

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